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    Many people say that they are all for saving the world,getting ride of global warming and recycling but many people don’t know how to do just that! the world holds us! It gives us life! Yet so many people are ok with destroying it! They cut down trees and burn so much fossil fuel that the ozone layers are deteriorating but people still fail to see the danger of what is to come! we can stop global warming and recycle easily but no one wants to try anymore!It would take a long time to fix the damage but we can do it! Setting aside recycling bins in your home isn’t difficult! You can even use an old cardboard box! And using public transportation more often won’t hurt either.

 I just think that if we acknowledge the damage we can fix it!

first you have to curl your eye lashes BEFORE you apply maschera. you can curl them after you apply maschera but only when its dry. don forget you bottom lashes. hold the brush vertically and sweep it back and forth. individual fake lashes can look gorgeous and real if applied correctly. you can find some at most local department stores. for a doe eyed seductive look try lining your lower lids with a creamy white eye penicial!Make sure your brows are manicured. Until you get your brows professional